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B-777 Captain. Air Safety and Accident Investigator. Previous experience includes Flight Operations Duty Officer, Assistant Chief Pilot. Line Check Airman, ALPA Aircraft Technical and Engineering Chairman, Aircraft Performance and Designs Committee MEC Chair, Charting and Instrument Procedures Committee, Group Leader-Commercial Aviation Safety Team-Joint Safety Implementation Team (CAST)-Loss of Control-Human Factors and Automation, CAST-JSIT- Aircraft State Awareness. Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, full Member of ISASI, AIAA, IEEE, HFES, FSF, AFA and the Resilience Engineering Association.

Angle of Attack book released!

NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER EXCLUSIVELY FROM CURT LEWIS AVIATION BOOKS Finally, the definitive book on the Titanic of aviation accidents, a state-of-the-art jet that couldn’t stall until it did and took the lives of 228 Air France passengers and crew. … Continue reading

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A dry microburst experience

I came across this article today which I had written quite a few years ago.  How many years ago?  Well, TWA was still in business!  I should add that my more recent article, here, is a worthy follow-up if you’ve … Continue reading

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The Actors of Resilience

I am going to shift gears a bit and move into a discussion of resilience engineering.  I was able to attend the recent symposium of the Resilience Engineering Association ( of which I am a member.  A common thread of … Continue reading

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Appearance on

I am honored to have been a guest on the 401st podcast for  Great group of folks who are working hard to get accurate aviation information and news out to the world.   I discussed how an aircraft accident … Continue reading

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Are pilots going to be eliminated?

We have become accustomed to the idea that we can do more with less and flying is no exception.  Improvements in technology first allowed airplanes to fly without navigators as long range radio navigation then inertial systems and most recently … Continue reading

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A probabilistic world

As pilots we need to make decisions based on reality.  Anything else can lead to a very bad outcome, but what is reality and can we perceive the difference between reality and perception? We live in a probabilistic world.  This … Continue reading

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“The Fall of Saigon: FedEx Aircraft Mechanic Reflects on Journey from War 40 Years Later” –An amazing story

This post is to honor someone who deserves to be recognized.  Sometimes the job of flying puts us in contact with amazing individuals.  I have been fortunate to meet quite a few in my lifetime and perhaps that will be … Continue reading

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