Angle of Attack book released!

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Finally, the definitive book on the Titanic of aviation accidents, a state-of-the-art jet that couldn’t stall until it did and took the lives of 228 Air France passengers and crew. Based on exclusive interviews with the aircraft’s manufacturer, the airline, flight crews, families of the pilots, accident investigators and the Woods Hole led team that recovered the missing jet from the bottom of the South Atlantic, Angle of Attack reveals why airlines and regulators everywhere must respond now to critical lessons from this legendary event.
Buy the book and the movie, Pilot Error (a historical fiction movie based on a similar event), Pilot Error, and save $6
“We owe Rapoport and Malmquist a great debt of gratitude.  Read every word.”
-Dr. Gary Helmer, Embry Riddle University
“A great resource for aeronautical professionals … exposes the failed defenses that can reside at each layer of the aviation system.  A must read for anyone with an interest in aviation accident investigation and aviation safety.”
-Dr. Chris Johnson, Director of Aviation Education and Research, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
“A must read for professional pilots, aircraft designers, government regulators and political decision makers.”
-Gregory Fox, Director of Safety, Florida Institute of Technology, ATPL pilot, safety manager since 1971, 35 years safety regulator, and 20 years check inspector on A320 and A340.
“Angle of Attack sheds light for the novice and expert alike.  Their subject matter expertise is admirable.  They have used the Air France 447 crash and other crashes of automated airplanes as examples of accidents that might have been prevented if the crews had access to realistic training to prepare them for those rare events and if their aircraft had been equipped with angle of attack indicators.”
-Captain Elaine M. Parker, Beyond Risk Management
“For the very first time the full story of Air France 447, one of the most significant events in aviation history, is revealed thanks to eight years of painstaking research.”
-John Darbo- Argus International, former American Airlines manager of internal evaluation and event investigation.
“You don’t have to be a [pilot to find this book moving and absorbing.”
– Adam Hochschild, Author of Spain in Our Hearts and King Leopold’s Ghost
“This book proves conclusively that education by meteorologists is the key to fundamental understanding of the impact weather has on the elements of the aviation arena.”
– Debbie Schaum, Embry-Riddle University
“A masterful work that was hard to put down.”
-Captain Shawn Pruchnicki
Ohio State University for Aviation Studies

About Shem Malmquist FRAeS

B-777 Captain. Air Safety and Accident Investigator. Previous experience includes Flight Operations management, Assistant Chief Pilot. Line Check Airman, ALPA Aircraft Technical and Engineering Chairman, Aircraft Performance and Designs Committee MEC Chair, Charting and Instrument Procedures Committee, Group Leader-Commercial Aviation Safety Team-Joint Safety Implementation Team (CAST)-Loss of Control-Human Factors and Automation, CAST-JSIT- Aircraft State Awareness. Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, full Member of ISASI, AIAA, IEEE, HFES, FSF, AFA and the Resilience Engineering Association. I am available for consulting, speaking or providing training seminars to your organization. Please contact me at inquiries.
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