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Fit for Duty by Shem Malmquist

I was recently flying a trip and my first officer and I got into a discussion about how various family emergencies should be handled.  My company has, historically, been very good about this, where if a person calls in with … Continue reading

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The role of Cognitive Bias in Aircraft Accidents

By Captain Shem Malmquist Please also see my book, written with Roger Rapoport, available via the following link: “Angle of Attack“. Introduction Humans are subject to a variety of heuristic biases.  These directly impact the decision making process, resulting in … Continue reading

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Investigative Bias

The concept of biases on the part of the accident investigator is not something often considered, however, I think this is a much larger issue than is often given credit for.  It is virtually impossible to separate our bias’from what … Continue reading

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Hindsight Bias

More to follow, but this is a teaser for an upcoming article: Pilot Error? It is exceedingly easy (and a lot less cognitive work) to just capture the hindsight bias (a type of confirmation bias, really) aspects and say “that … Continue reading

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Cold Fuel

Cold Fuel  By Captain Shem Malmquist GENERAL INFORMATION On January 17, 2008, a Boeing 777 operated by British Airways crashed on landing just short of its destination due to apparently fuel “freezing” (actually ice crystals formed clogging the fuel/oil heat … Continue reading

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How to get the most out of Carbon Brakes

Carbon Brakes Captain Shem Malmquist The following information was adapted from an article on brake use by Capt. Simon, UAL (Ret), and portions have been reprinted with permission.  It is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to … Continue reading

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