Pilots are not the problem

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B-777 Captain. Air Safety and Accident Investigator. Previous experience includes Flight Operations management, Assistant Chief Pilot. Line Check Airman, ALPA Aircraft Technical and Engineering Chairman, Aircraft Performance and Designs Committee MEC Chair, Charting and Instrument Procedures Committee, Group Leader-Commercial Aviation Safety Team-Joint Safety Implementation Team (CAST)-Loss of Control-Human Factors and Automation, CAST-JSIT- Aircraft State Awareness. Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, full Member of ISASI, AIAA, IEEE, HFES, FSF, AFA and the Resilience Engineering Association. I am available for consulting, speaking or providing training seminars to your organization. Please contact me at https://malmquistsafety.com/for inquiries.
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2 Responses to Pilots are not the problem

  1. lauc174aolcom says:

    Very true. Airline training today is mostly rote memorization. While there is a place for that, 21 day training footprints and ground school via computer based training is not teaching understanding of how systems interact.

  2. S├ębastien Boulnois says:

    I couldn’t agree more: Human-systems interaction (specifically SA being a huge component) and training. These two items were actually the main ones that all the expert pilots I interviewed during my Ph.D. pointed to when dealing with aviation weather and associated systems and services.

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