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High Altitude Flying: What every pilot needs to know – A new Online Course from Curt Lewis Aviation

New Online Course from Curt Lewis Aviation HIGH ALTITUDE FLYING: WHAT EVERY PILOT NEEDS TO KNOW Aimed at all pilots who cruise every day at high altitude, this course shares the critical lessons learned from the Air France 447 disaster and … Continue reading

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Two talks

Some may be interested in more information on these.  If so, please feel free to contact me. Training to Facilitate Adaptive Capacity in Automated Systems Capt. Shem Malmquist, FRAeS While automation has often been touted as the source of the … Continue reading

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Single-Piloted Commercial Aircraft

Section 744 of H.R.4 – FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, which was introduced on April 18, 2018, states: SEC. 744. SINGLE-PILOTED COMMERCIAL CARGO AIRCRAFT. (a) Program.—The FAA, in consultation with NASA and other relevant agencies, shall establish a research and development program … Continue reading

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Take a Fatigue “Selfie”!

In a previous article I discussed cognitive bias as it relates to flight operations. Although I just hinted at this in the previous article, let me be clear now: Fatigue will exacerbate all of the negative aspects of cognitive bias. … Continue reading

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Several years ago I wrote an article on the importance of proper phraseology.  You can read that article here. For those interested, you may like the following conference. ======================================

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Know your aircraft – System Training

  System training.  This is part of the curriculum when learning any new aircraft.  Why is it important to talk about here? In recent years there has been a trend towards less and less system training.  At one time we … Continue reading

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Just turn it off!

Several years ago my company had a number of senior pilots transitioning off of traditional “round dial” airplanes, such as the B-727 and DC-10 as the airplanes were being retired from the fleet.  The pilots were moving directly to the … Continue reading

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